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KidsPlay Instructional Youth Sports

   We get that question at least a few times a week here in the KidsPlay office and I often struggle with my response. It's hard to explain how KidsPlay works in just one or two sentences. Even with careful editing, it takes at least 6 sentences and 112 words:

  KidsPlay is a group of 24 talented, dependable, and trustworthy coaches dedicated to making sports fun and interesting for kids.

  We’re a company that believes that it’s more productive for young athletes to focus on long-term goals (learning, developing skills, having fun playing sports, etc.) than short-term results on a scoreboard.
  KidsPlay creates a healthy environment for kids to learn to play sports. There are no politics, confrontations, suspensions, or physical and verbal abuse in KidsPlay. Since our inception in 1991, it has been our mission to serve the best interests of every child in our program.

  We teach young athletes ages 3-12 to honor the game by playing hard, playing fair, and playing together.


KidsPlay Of WNY LLC

Tim and Tricia Hirschbeck

 31 Delaware Road

 Kenmore, New York 14217

Office: 716.873.2353

Cell: 716.480.2374 or 716.480.1436





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