2023-24 KidsPlay Marek-Scott Scholarship Winner: Hayden Schuler

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2024 KidsPlay Marek-Scott Scholarship is Hayden Schuler from Starpoint High School.

Hayden’s former KidsPlay coaches remember him fondly as a little ball of angst who, after playing soccer, floor hockey and NFL Flag football with us for 6-7 years, gradually grew into an outstanding competitor and leader. He joined as at age 5 as a boy who was extremely hard on himself and preoccupied with the score of games. He left KidsPlay at age 12 as a funny and inquisitive young man who was an absolute pleasure to coach.

The Vice President of the National Honor Society carrying a 96 GPA, Hayden has been an exceptional contributor to the Starpoint community. Hayden served as Captain of the Varsity swimming team but his first love remains lacrosse. After serving as Starpoint’s goalie for the past two years, Hayden is the first player in the Starpoint program’s young history to sign to play college lacrosse. He will be attending Massachusetts College for the Liberal Arts in the Fall as an Mathematics major.

The KidsPlay Marek-Scott Scholarship is a $1,000.00 grant used toward the pursuit of a two or four year degree in the 2023-24 calendar year. The scholarship is given in memory of Keaton Marek and Sean Scott, two wonderful young men and former KidsPlay players.

On behalf of the scholarship committee, our school district partners, and all of our KidsPlay coaches, we wish Hayden the best of luck as he begins an exciting new chapter of his life.